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“의료관광서비스에 블록체인 기술을 결합해 의료 정보 비대칭 문제를 해결하고 응급 환자가 치료받지 못하는 일을 없애겠다.”

It had been good to satisfy them and see how They're committed to go to the finish until undertaking will probably be successful. Superior group + superior advisors + very good merchandise!

The fact is the fact you'll find Paid out Internet marketing in place of trustworthy information about care providers.

You and your friends can make tons of bonuses as a result of Etheal’s referral rewards for the duration of our pre-sale. It’s Tremendous easy, the process is identical to any referral program, and with a straightforward copy and paste the possible benefits are massive.

It truly is crucial that you simply contribute from a definitive Ethereum tackle and HODL one hundred% within your Mend tokens on that very same deal with to validate your HODL stakes.

Utilizing blockchain technology, Etheal designs for making healthcare affordable anywhere. Wise contracts will Enable individuals be capable to pay for healthcare independently of where These are by way of the corporate. Working with the organization’s token, they might use exactly the same type of currency everywhere in the planet.

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It is just a pausable contract, which can be paused at initialization. When paused only this deal and crowdsale contracts can shift cash of Mend token.

The platform whitepaper is completely thorough  and out there in several languages hence supplying the  customers each of the apps of your job in making certain adequate  provision of medical services

This Internet site participates in exhibiting ads from Google, an affiliate advertising platform, to make commissions from clicks. Bitcoin Exchange Information.com may reference affiliate internet marketing courses which deliver paid out commissions from referrals created throughout the backlinks.

MK: While we ran our promoting agency that is eight years aged this year, we made a see “pet challenge”, a now thriving medical comparison internet site known as Doklist.com. As we Where To Buy Etheal grew this side-job, we started to see massive prospective in the Health care sector.

You will receive a 7% bonus determined by the quantity of tokens obtained by your mates, and your mates will receive a three% bonus for contributing via your referral link.

All of the tokens it retains can be utilized to develop and revoke grants, transfer tokens to present although not started off grants.

Investigate services for pharmaceutical organizations, managements of cryptosystem reward procedure and revolutionizing the healthcare system in general. Make use of this opportunity to get our tokens. Stop by our Web page on Etheal.com To learn more. Etheal Staff

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